Our research program seeks to better understand the causes of MPN and how these diseases affect children. Our long-term goals are to develop correlations between the genotypes (genetic abnormalities) and phenotypes (clinical symptoms and disease features) of these diseases. This will allow us to create disease profiles which will lead to better counseling for families regarding what to expect with their child's disease and how best to treat children with MPN. We are taking a prospective, translational approach to accomplish these goals. One side involves clinical work with patients and families in our pediatric hematology clinic, learning about symptoms, quality of life, and outcomes in children with MPN. This is partnered with laboratory science, looking for the genes and proteins that drive these diseases. Only through partnership between the bench and the bedside will we be able to make meaningful discoveries to help children with MPN.

If you are interested in having your child participate in any part of our research program, please contact Dr. Nicole Kucine at

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